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Ma Curly Headed Babby (full orchestra)
Mabel Waltzes
Mad: De Nouville's Waltz
Madame Butterfly
Madchen Kam Vom Stelldichein
Magnolia Blossoms
Magnolia Waltz
Magnolia Waltz
Maid of Athens!
Maid of the West
Maiden's Eyes Their Hearts Reveal
Maiden's Lament
Major Hillen's Quick Step
Mamie Waltz
Mammy O'Mine
Mammy's Dixie Soldier Boy
Manila Waltz
Manola Waltzes
Manon Lescaut
March de Fete
March de la Norma avee Variations
March for the United States Marine Corps
March from Naaman
March from Norma
March of the Greeks
March of the Louisville Guards
Marche A La Turque
Marche Autrichienne
Marche de la Norma
Marche des Troubadours
Marcheta ( A Love Song of Old Mexico)
Marching Along
Marcia Trionfale
Marie Cahill's Congo Love Song
Marion Lee
Marquis et Marquise
Marriage Bells
Marseilles Hymn
Mary Cahill's Hottentot Love Song
Maryland Cadets, quick step
Massa's in de Cold Ground
Massa's In De Cold Ground
Matrimonial Sweets - The Celebrated Comic Duet
Max Dinger
Medley Overture
Meet Me by Moonlight
Meet Me by Moonlight
Meet Me in Bubble Lane
Melisande in the Wood
Melodie de Proch
Memphis Waltz
Menuet de Mozart
Mid the Blue Grass of Kentucky
Mighty Lak' A Rose
Mighty Lak' a Rose
Mignon de Ambroise Thomas
Mignon's Song
Militair Marsch
Military Waltz
Miller's Daughter
Millie of the Vale
Mischief Polka
Miss Lucy Long
Miss Lucy Neal
Mockingbird Polka
Mon Coer S'ouvre a ta Voix
Mon Homme
Mondamin Waltz
Monsieur Polka Paso-doble
Monumental Polka
Moon Dear
Morceau & Romanza
Morris's Melodies
Mother Here's Your Boy
Mother is Dead
Mother O'Mine
Mother thou art the Dearest One
Mother, Is the Battle Over?
Mount Pleasant Polka
Mr. & Mrs. Jones
Mr. And Mrs. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Snibbs: A Comic Duet
Mrs. Lofty and I
Music at Nightfall
Musidora Polka Mazurka
Must We Leave the Old Home, Mother?
My Abode
My Ain Wee House
My Baby's Arms
My Beartiful, My Fair
My Beautiful Lady
My Beautiful Lady
My Buddy
My Castle in the Air
My Castles In The Air Are Tumbling Down
My Colleen We'll Meet Again
My Cousin Caruso
My Dearie
My Drowsy Babe
My Father Land
My Fisher Maid
My German Rose
My Happy Village Home
My Heart's Message
My Hero
My Home My Happy Home
My Home My Happy Home
My Ideal
My Irish Maid
My Irish Molly O
My Isle of Golden Dreams
My Lady of Kentucky
My Little Buttercup
My Little Girl
My Love Polka
My Mammy
My Mammy
My Man
My Marguerite
My Mariuccia
My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair
My Mother's Love
My Mother's Rosary
My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night
My Old Man Is Baseball Mad
My Own Native Land
My Own One!
My Pony Boy
My Sister, Oh! My Sister
My Sunny Tennessee
My Sweet Adair
My Sweet Venetian Rose
My Sweetheart
My Sweetie
My Task for low voice

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