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O Fair Dove! O Fond Dove!
O For the Wings of a Dove
O Lord, veil not thy face
O Memory!
O Mio Babbino Caro
O Rest In The Lord
O Sing a Sacred Song to Me
O Sole Pilu Ratto
O Summer Night
O That We Two Were Maying
O Would I were A Boy Again
O! lady, Sweetest Lady
O! Young Maiden hearts beware
O'er the Far Blue Mountain
O, Vanished Loveliness
Oakland Gallopade
Ocean Burial
Ocean Spray
Of What Is The Old Man Thinking?
Oft in the Stilly Night
Oft in the stilly night
Oft in the Stilly Night
Often a Stilly Night
Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee! (You're The Only Girl For Me)
Oh Many a Time I Am Sad At Heart
Oh Promise Me
Oh Wilt Thou Sew My Buttons On
Oh! Doctor
Oh! Don't You Remember
Oh! Give Me Back My Heart Again
Oh! Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean
Oh! Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean
Oh! No We Never Menton Her
Oh! Quanto io T'amerei!
Oh! Soon Return
Oh! Take Me Back to Switzerland
Oh! Tarry Not Long From Me
Oh! That We Two Were Maying
Oh! What a Pal Was Mary
Oh! What A Pal Was Mary
Oh! What a Pal was Mary
Oh! You Darktown Regimental Band
Oh! You Million Dollar Doll
Oh, Bruddren, What Am dat I See?
Oh, Honey, My Honey
Ohe! Mamma!
Ol' Car'lina
Ol' Car'lina (Full orchestra)
Ol' Carolina (mixed voices)
Old Black Joe
Old Bob Ridley
Old Dog Tray
Old Folks at Home
Old Folks at Home
Old Hundred
Old Times
Old Uncle Sheppard
Ole' Nicker Deamus
On A Monkey Honeymoon
On an Automobile Honyemoon
On Miami Shore (Golden Sands of Miami)
On San Fransisco Bay
On the 'Gin 'Gin 'Ginny Shore
On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away
On The River Of Dreams
On Thousand Island River
Once Again
One Hour with Thee
One Hour With Thee
One Love Have I
Only a Homeless, Wandering Child
Only This Song
Open Your Arms My Alabamy
Orange Blossom Redowa
Otis's Quick Step
Our Boys and Girls
Our Guards!
Our Yesterdays
Out in the Cold
Over the Garden Wall
Overture Patriotic
Overture to William Tell

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