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Salut a la France!
Salute to Williamsport
Santy Clause Is Comin' 'Fore De Mornin'
Save the Sweetest Kiss For Me
Save Your Kisses All for Me
Say Once Again I Love Thee
Schlectes Wetter
School Days
School Girl's Waltz
Schubert's Serenade
Scipio March
Scotland March
Seguidilla Muriciana
Selection from "The Catch of the Season"
Seliges Gluck
Send Back Dear Daddy to Me
Send Me an Answer from Over the Sea
Serenading Polka
Shadow March
Shady Nook Polka
She Is Thine
She Was Happy Till She Met You
She Wears the Bloomers Now
She's Got it on the Brain
She's the Heart of Dixieland
Shells of Ocean
Shells of Ocean
Shells of Ocean
Shells of Ocean
Shepherds' Song
Shining on the Street from "Hard Up"
Si Je Pouvais Mourir!
Siempre te amare!
Silent Love
Silver Hair That Once Was Gold
Silver Lake Waltz
Silver Lake Waltz
Silver Spring
Silver Threads Among the Gold
Silver Threads Amoung the Gold
Silver Threads Amoung the Gold
Silver Threads Amoung the Gold
Silvery Shower
Silvery Shower
Silvery Shower
Silvery Waves
Silvery Waves
Silvery Waves
Since First I Met Thee
Sing Me A Song Of The South
Sing On, Sing On, Ye Little Birds
Sing to Me Softly Dear Sister
Sleep in Peace!
Sleep On, Dear Love
Sleep Well Sweet Angel
Sleeping I Dream'd Love
Slow and Easy
Slow and Easy
Slowly & Softly Music Should Flow
Smilin' Through
Sneeky Peet
So Long Mary
So the Story Goes
Softly Oe'r the Rippling Waters
Soiree et Bal
Soirees Elysees: Op. 80, No. 2 Valse Elegante
Soirees elysees: Op. 80, No. 3 Polka Brillante
Soirees Musicales
Soldier's Joy Polka
Some Day
Some Day
Some Day Waiting Will End
Some Love to Roam
Some Sunny Day
Somebody's Grandpa
Somebody's Sweetheart I Want to Be
Somewhere a Heart is Breaking and Calling Me Back to You
Somewhere in France
Song of Love (3)
Song of The Brook
Song of The Fairies
Song Should Breathe of Scents and Flowers
Song Without Words
Songs of the Campaign: Eight Songs, Comic, Serious, and Amusing.
Sons of Ireland
Sounds from Home
Sous l'Ombrage
Souvenir d'Ole Bull
Souvenir de Kew
Souvenir de Steinbach
Souvenirs de Voyage
Spanish Lou
Spanish Retreat
Speak To Me Darling
Speed the Plough
Speed the Plough
Spirituous Shaker
Spooning With Your Lady Love
Spring! Gentle Spring!
Springtime of Love : Waltz Song
St. Louis Grand March
St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day Parade
St. Paul Waltz
St. Paul Waltz
Stanco di Pascolar
Star of Bethlehem
Star of Evening
Star of Radiance
Star of the Evening
Starlight Love
Starlight Maid
Stars and Stripes Forever (2 copies)
Still So Gently O'er Me Stealing
Still Thine Own
Stingy Moon
Stop dat knocking at de door
Strahlender Mond
Strangers Yet
Strathearn Lancers
Strike The Harp Gently
Summer Night Waltz
Sunday Night When the Parlors Full
Sunlight to the Soul
Sunrise Waltz
Sunshine Polka Mazurka
Sur la Tombe
Swedish Wedding March
Sweet Alice
Sweet Emalina, My Gal
Sweet Evelina
Sweet Little Buttercup
Sweet Love of Mine
Sweet Memories of Thee
Sweet Memory
Sweet Minnie of the South
Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer
Sweetly Chime The Bells
Sweetly Flowing
Swiftly Thro' The West
Swinging Song
Swiss Air
Swiss Minstrels Waltz
Switzer's farewell

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