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Take A Little Tip From Father
Take Care of Mother
Take Heed, Whisper Low : Barcarole in Masaniello
Take Me Back to the Garden of Love
Take Your Girlie to the Movies (If You Can't Make Love at Home)
Taken from Life Galop
Tam O'Shanter
Tapping at the Garden Gate
Tauserd und eine Nacht
Tears and Smiles
Tears of Love
Tears Tell (The Story To Me)
Telephone in de Air
Tell Her at Twilight
Tell him I love him yet
Tell Me Ducky Maiden
Tell Me Not of Morning Breaking
Tell Me Pretty Maiden
Tell me Pretty Maiden
Tender and True
Tender Words & Gentle Pleadings
Tete a Tete Galop
That Old Checkered Apron
That Wonderful Mother of Mine
That's a Mother's Liberty Loan
That's How I Need You
That's the Song of Songs for Me
That's What the Rose Said To Me
The Alcoholic Blues (Some Blues)
The Alpine Morning
The Anchor's Weighed
The Angels Whisper
The Auld House
The Band March
The Band March
The Banner of Blue
The Barefoot Trail
The Beautiful and True
The Bedouin
The Beggar Child's Dream
The Bird on Nellie's Hat
The Bird Waltz
The Blacksmith's Son
The Blind Boy
The Blind Girl
The Bloomington Waltz or My Pretty Jane
The Blue Alsatian Mountains
The Bonnie Boat
The Bonnie Wee Wife Ballad
The Bower Waltz
The Braes of Balquhither
The Bride's Farewell
The Bride-Elect March
The Bridge
The Bridge
The British Farmer
The Brook
The Brook
The Burial of Mrs. Judson
The Call of the Cosy Little Home
The Called It The Dixie Blues
The Campbells are comin
The Celebrated Storm Rondo
The Charming Woman
The Chieftain's Lullaby
The Chorister
The Chorister
The Christmas Chimes of St. Thomas'
The Church Parade
The Cincinnati Magnolia Hall Waltz
The City Unseen
The Clang Waltz
The Col. Jackson Two-Step
The Colored Major
The Conscript's Departure
The Coquette Waltz
The Cottage by the Sea
The Cottage by the Sea
The Cottage by the Sea
The Cottage by the Sea
The Cracovian Maid
The Crow
The Darktown Strutters' Ball
The Darktown Strutters' Ball
The Day is Past
The Dearest Spot
The Delhi Galop
The Devil's Love Song
The Directorate March
The Dixie Volunteers
The Dream of a Violet
The Dream of Love
The Dream of Yesterday
The Dreamland Valse
The Druid's Prayer
The Dudes' Gallop
The Dudes' Gallop
The Dunrobin Galop
The Dying Minstrel
The Dying Poet
The Dying Wife
The Echo of Lucerne
The Echo of Lucerne
The Eternal Flame
The Fairy Piper
The Fairy Pipers
The Fall of Paris
The Faltering Dusk
The Fanfare Polka
The Female Auctioneer
The Festival and Birthday Ball
The Fields of Home
The Fireside Song
The First Violin Waltzes
The Five O'Clock Bus
The Flight of Aces
The Flight of the Aviators
The Flower Waltzes
The Flowers of the Forest
The Fortune Teller
The Four Maries
The Garden of Roses
The Gipsy Boy
The Gipsy Countess
The Girl I Left Behind
The Girl That I've Had In Mind
The Gondolier
The Gondolier: Ballad on the Opera The Daughters of St. Mark
The Grand Russian March
The Grand Waltz
The Grant Memorial Day March
The Grave of Washington
The Graveyard Blues
The Great Globe Quadrilles
The Harmonious Blacksmith
The Haunting Smile
The Hazel Dell
The High School Cadets March
The Hills o' Skye
The Indian Hunter
The Ingle Side
The Island of Dreams
The Ivy Green
The Japanese Sandman
The Jolly Pickaninnies
The Joys of Love
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
The King's Highway
The Knight's Farewell
The Ladder of Roses
The Lake Of Como
The Lament of the Irish Emigrant
The Lament of the Irish Emigrant
The Lancer's Quadrilles
The Lass on England's Shore
The Lass that Lives Next Door
The Last Hope
The Last Rose of Summer
The Last Rose of Summer
The Last Smile
The Legacy
The Lehigh Valley Route
The Liberty Bell March
The Light Fantastic Galop
The Linden March
The Linden March
The Link is not Broken
The Little Church Around the Corner
The Little Grey Mother Who Waits All Alone
The Little Gypsy Maid
The Little Man and the Little Maid
The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
The Long and Weary Day
The Longest Way Round
The Lords of Creation
The Lords of Creation Men We Call
The Lost Chord
The Lost Chord
The Louisville Waltz
The Lousiville March and Quick Step
The Love Nest
The Magic Kiss
The Magic Spell Romance
The Maid of Lodi
The Maiden With the Dreamy Eyes
The Maiden's Prayer
The Man From Now
The Manhattan Beach March
The Maniac
The March in Bellini's Opera "I Puritani"
The March Past
The May Queen Parts 1-3
The Meaning of YMCA
The Meeting of the Waters
The Mellow Horn
The Melody of Love
The Merry Birds
The Merry Harvest Gallop
The Merry Peasant and The Humming Song
The Merry Widow
The Message of the Eyes
The Messenger Bird
The Midnight Gallop
The Midnight Son!
The Midnight Son!
The Midnight Waltz
The Midshipmite
The Midshipmite
The Midshipmite
The Miller's Maid
The Minute Gun at Sea
The Missletoe Bough
The Moon Has His Eyes On You
The Moon is Softly Beaming
The Morning Ride
The Mulligan Guard
The Music of the Sea
The Naughty Waltz
The Navy Took Them Over and the Navy Will Bring Them Back
The Neuf Chatel Waltz
The New York Musical Boquet No. 18
The Night, Oh! The Night for Me!
The Nightingale has a Lyre of Gold
The Nightingale's Trill
The North Bend Quick Step
The Nun and the Fountain
The Old Arm Chair
The Old Cabin Home
The Old Farmhouse On The Hill
The Old Grey Mare
The Old Maid's Prayer
The Old Man Dreams
The Old Mill
The Old Musician and His Harp
The Old Refrain
The Old Refrain
The Old Refrain
The Old Refrain
The Old School House
The Old Sexton
The Opera Polka
The Orcadian Boatman's Song
The Passion Flower
The Pearl Cottage
The Pearl Waltz
The Pilgrim
The Pilgrim Fathers
The Pilgrim Knight
The Pirates of Penzance Lancers
The Ploughboy
The Postillion
The Princeton University March
The Prisoner and The Swallow
The Promise of Life
The Queen of Spades
The Rapture Dwelling
The Response
The Retreat
The Return to Health Schottische
The Review Quick Step
The Road To Paradise
The Rob Roy Quadrilles
The Robin's Return
The Roller Skaters
The Rosary
The Rose of Killarney
The Rose of No Man's Land
The Rounders
The Rover's Grave
The Royal Waltzes
The Second Calisthenic Rondo
The Separation
The Separation
The Serenade
The Serenade March
The Sheik of Araby
The Signal March
The Silver Line
The Silver Moon
The Skaters' Song
The Skaters' Waltzes
The Sleigh Polka
The Slumber Boat
The Sneak
The Soldier's Tear
The Song My Mother Sings
The Song of All Songs
The Song of Blanche Alpen
The Song of the Hill
The Song of the Robin
The Sontag Polka
The South Side Galop
The Sport Polka
The Spot Where I Was Born
The Spring Time of Year is Coming
The Spring Time of Year is Coming
The Stars and Stripes Forever
The Stars, The Stripes and You
The Stirrup Cup
The Storm
The Sultan's Band March
The Sultan's Band March
The Sultan's Polka
The Summer Dew
The Summer Girl
The Sun Will Shine at Last
The Swallows
The Sweetheart
The Swiss Boy with variations
The Switzers Song of Home
The Sword of Bunker Hill
The Tale of the Kangaroo
The Tale That The Roses Told
The Tale the Church Bell Told
The Tar's Farewell
The Target March
The Tear
The Tear
The Tears of Early Love
The Tempest
The Tenderfoot
The Teviotdale Quadrilles
The Third Calisthenic Rondo
The Three Sailor Boys
The Tight Little Island
The Time, and the Place, and the Girl
The Tin Gee-Gee
The Toast
The Tolling Bell
The Trenton Quick Step
The Troubadour from Distant Land
The Tulip
The Tweedale Quadrilles
The Tweedale Quadrilles
The Twilight Hour
The Two Orphans
The Uhlan Galop
The Unfinished Song
The Union Bell Polka
The Union of Kathleen Mavourneen & Dermot Asthore and Dermot Astore
The United States Wheel March
The Used Up Man
The Vacant Chair
The Verdict March
The Virginia Rosebud
The Voice of By Gone Days
The Wandering Refugee
The Washington Post March
The Washington Post March
The Watcher
The Watcher
The Whispering Wind
The White Squall
The Widow of Nain
The Wild Irish Rose That God Gave Me
The Wild Wild Women are Making a Wild Man of Me
The Winchester Quick Step
The Wind King
The Winter Girl
The Winter Girl
The World Hath No Welcome for Thee
The Wreath Quadrilles
The Wreck of the Hesperus
The Wrecker's Daughter
The Yale March
The Yankee and the Sphinx
The Young Folks At Home
Then Think of Me
Then Weep! O Grief-Worn Eyes!
Then You're Dancing an American Rag
There are Kisses Waiting for Me
There Are Violets and Roses
There is a Green Hill Far Away
There is a Place of Holy Rest
There Is No Home Like My Own
There Will Be No Vacant Chair
There's a Charm In the Bloom of Youth
There's a Mother Old And Gray Who Needs Me Now
There's Rest for All in Heaven
There's Someone More Lonesome than You
There's Someone More Lonesome Than You
They all Follow Me
They Were All Out of Step But Jim
Thine Own
This is the Life
Those Draf-Tin' Blues
Those Draftin' Blues
Those Evening Bells
Those Olden Golden Days of Long Ago
Those Things Cannot be Explained
Thou Art Gone Away Mary
Thou Hast Wounded the Spirit that Lov'd Thee
Thou Hast Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thee
Though Love Be Blind
Three Bells Polka
Three Flower Melodies
Three Green Bonnets
Three O'Clock in the Morning
Three Roguish Chaps Polka
Three Roses Red
Three Sailor Boys
Through All The World
Through the Night My Songs Adjure Thee
Through the Wood
Thy Face
Thy Troubadour
Thy Voice Is Near
Thy Voice Is Near
Tiger Rag
Till We Meet Again
Tired of Me
To a Young Gentleman
To Have, To Hold, To Love
To the Mountain Away
Tonawanda Quick Step
Too Late, Too Late, Ye Cannot Enter Now
Topsy's in Town
Trab Trab Galop
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
Tramway Galop
Traum Durch Die Dammerung
Traumerei und Romanze
Tres Moutarde
Tripoli (On The Shores Of Tripoli)
Tripping Thro' The Meadows (Polka Rondo)
Trois Fantaisies
Trois Nocturnes
True Love Can Ne'er Forget
True till Death
Trumpet Call Galop
Tulip Time
Turkish Polka
Twelth Waltz
Twickenham Ferry
Twickenham Ferry
Twilight Fancy
Twilight Sketches (Recollections, Lullaby, and Meditation)
Twill Remind You Love of Me
Two Children
Two Guitars
Two Lyrics
Two Spoons

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