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W'st, W'st, W'st
W'st, W'st, W'st
Wae's Me For Prince Charlie
Wait and See (You'll Want Me Back)
Wait Till the Clouds Roll By
Wait till the Clouds Roll By
Wait till the cows come home
Waiting, Waiting, For The Day That Ne'er Will Come
Waltz Sentimentale
Wanderer's Night Song
Wandering in the Woods
Warblings At Eve
Warblings at Eve
Warblings at Eve
Warrior's Triumphal March
Was ist Wein? Sonnenschein!
Waves of the Ocean
Way Down East Among The Shady Maple Trees
We Are All Liars
We Are Almost There
We Have Lived and Loved Together
We Meet By Chance
We Miss Thee at Home
We Parted By the River Side
We'd Better Bide a Wee
We'll to the Woods, and Gather May
We're Going to Hang the Kaiser Under the Linden Tree
Wee Gee
Weep No More My Mammy
Weeping Willow Lane
Welcome, Welcome Merry May
Were My Song with Wings Provided
Wert thou but my own love
What Are The Wild Waves Saying
What are the Wild Waves Saying?
What Are You Going to Do to Help the Boys?
What Is Home Without a Mother?
What Need Have I the Truth To Tell?
What You Goin' to Do when the Rent Comes 'Round?
What'll We Do with Him Boys?
What's the Use of Kickin' : Let's go 'round with a smile
When All The World Forgets You (There's A Mother Waiting Still)
When Evening Shadows Fall
When He Comes Home
When I Behold Thee
When I Get You Alone To Night
When I Leave The World Behind
When I Looked In Your Wonderful Eyes
When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home
When I'm All Alone
When Ireland Comes Into Her Own (2 copies)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandie
When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandie
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When Kate and I Were Coming Thro' the Rye
When Love is Kind
When O'er the Distant Eastern Hills
When Passions Trance
When Stars are in Quiet Skies
When Stars are in Quiet Skies
When the Boys Come Home
When the Daylight Goes
When The Harvest Days Are Over
When the Leaves Begin to Fade
When The Leaves Begin To Turn
When the Moon Beams Brightly O'er the Hill
When the Parson Hands the Wedding band From Me To Mandy Lee
When The Right Little Girl Comes Along
When the Roses Come Again
When The Sun Goes Down In Romany My Heart Goes Roaming Back To You
When the Tide Comes In
When the Wind Blows in from the Sea
When Time Hath Bereft Thee
When Will I Know?
When You and I Were Young, Maggie
When You Come Back
When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big Red Rose
Where Are the Friends of My Youth
Where Are the Friends Of My Youth?
Where Can the Soul Find Rest
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night?
Where Do We Go From Here
Where Mother Is - Is Home
Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow
Where Was Moses When The Light Went Out
While We Wandered Astray
Whispered Vows
Whispering Hearts (Waltz)
Whisperings of Love
Whisperings of Love
White Cockade
White Sulphur Springs
Who Can Tell
Who is Sylvia?
Who Will Care for Mother Now?
Who'll Take the Place of the Song-bird Now Gone
Who's That Calling So Sweet
Whose Little Girl Are You?
Why Ask If I Remember Thee
Why Don't You Try
Why Should I Love Thee?
Wie Einst
Wild Roses
Will You Come to My Mountain Home
Will You Miss Me
Will You Remember
Will You Remember
Willie Roves No More
Willie We Have Missed You
Willie's on the Dark Blue Sea
Winds in the Trees
Wings of a Dove
Wings of a Dove
Winter Warmed into Showers
With Rue my Heart is Laden
Wo'll Buy My Lavender?
Wonderful Pal
Wood Up Quick Step
Woodland Echoes
Woodland Waltz
Would You Care?
Would You If You Were Me?
Would You Like to Change from Miss to Mrs?
Wrecked and Saved
Write Me a Letter From Home
Write Me a Letter From Home

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